Lift Hair‘s Kelly Massias shares her styling how-to for gorgeous waves!

Stylist: Kelly Massias @kellymassiashair

Products: 7SECONDS BlowOut Crème, BOOSTA Volumizing Spray, & TEXTURIZA Spray

The kind of hair that makes you stop & stare! Here’s how Kelly Massias achieved these gorgeous waves:

  1.  On wet hair, I used the 7SECONDS BlowOut Crème from the mids to ends. *This extends the life of the blowout & eliminates frizz, leaving hair smooth & shiny without buildup
  2.  I sprayed the BOOSTA Volumizing Spray to create root volume
  3.  After drying, I curled the hair, shook out the curls, and then sprayed TEXTURIZA Spray for all over volume, fullness & texture

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