Ciara Goes Platinum, and Viral,
with César DeLeön Ramirez + UNITE Hair



We Simply Must Acknowledge How Effing Good Ciara Looks
With Platinum Blond Hair

Ciara just dropped the music video for her song “Set,” and yep, that’s a new hairstyle you’re seeing. In the video, the 33-year-old singer rocks a platinum blond version of her recent pixie cut, and holy smokes, we’re digging it.

Her edgy look technically isn’t a haircut but a custom wig designed by Wild Form founder César DeLeön Ramirez, who styled it with two Unite Hair products before and during the music video shoot. Ramirez first dampened the wig before applying Blonda Fix treatment to tone and brighten it, a Unite Hair rep told POPSUGAR. Throughout the shoot, he periodically sprayed 7Seconds Detangler to achieve that wet, perfectly tousled look.

Ahead, take an all-angles look at Ciara’s funky-fresh platinum hair, followed by a breakdown of the shoppable products Ramirez used on her wig.

Featured on POPSUGAR.


@cesar4styles  shares the look:

  1. First I shampooed the @thewildformwig with the BLONDA Toning Shampoo to neutralize the unwanted brassy tones, then rinsed and gently applied BLONDAFix from roots to ends and let it sit for 5 mins and rinsed. This not only helped me get a nice cool tone of platinum but also added strength and moisture to the weak over processed hair.
  2. To style, I used my 7SECONDS Detangler for a wet look. This spray allowed me to keep a wet look throughout the video shoot and all I had to do was spray her hair. This spray provided extras proteins which strengthened and sealed her cuticle.




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