TONING Comb/o Cleanse & Condition Pack

Knot A Chance.

Save 25% on UNITE’S TONING Comb/o Cleanse & Condition Pack + Get an Exclusive UNITE Shower Brush FREE for brilliantly blonde, tangle-free hair.

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  • BLONDA™ Shampoo 8fl.oz.
  • BLONDA™ 8fl.oz.
  • FREE UNITE Shower Brush


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BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo

Formulated to get your blonde tones and highlights lighter and brighter in just one minute. This ultra-violet formula gently cleanses, purifies, and neutralizes brassiness and unwanted warm tones.

UNITE Shower Brush

Gently massages scalp, detangles hair and distributes conditioner, reducing split ends and breakage. Perfect for any hair type, length or texture.

BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner

Designed to seal in the tone of your hair keeping your blonde hair protected and perfected. This vitamin-enriched formula will keep breakage and dry strands at bay.

For Toned, Conditioned, Tangle-Free Hair:

Wet hair, apply BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo and lather. Leave on for 1 minute (do not exceed) and rinse thoroughly. Follow with BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner and use UNITE Shower Brush to detangle from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly and style as desired with your favorite UNITE products.