Dry Shampoo Trio

So Fresh and So Clean


Always keep your style fresh and clean no matter the oil level. These three NEW Dry Shampoo formulas are designed to instantly refresh your hair.


  • U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo 5oz
  • U:DRY Plus+ Dry Shampoo 5oz
  • U:DRY High Dry Shampoo 6.7oz

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U:DRYTM High Dry Shampoo

Turn the volume on high with U:DRY™ High, a volumizing, translucent dry shampoo that quickly absorbs oils plus adds instant volume & texture. Perfect for fine oily hair, or lifeless dirty hair. U:DRY™ High has got you and your oil covered.

U:DRYTM Plus+ Dry Shampoo

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with U:DRY™ Plus+ extra absorbing, residue-free, dry shampoo. It’s heavy-duty, yet lightweight formula diffuses evenly onto roots leaving hair fresh and clean with lots of movement. With U:DRY™ Plus+ go straight from the gym to out on the town – just shake, spray and be extra.

U:DRYTM Clear Dry Shampoo

On-the-go or just a quick touch up, the answer is clear – U:DRY™ Clear dry shampoo keeps natural oils in check, plus neutralizes odor, leaving styles refreshed, reset, and residue-free.