BOOSTA Travel Trio

Buy BOOSTA™ Shampoo & BOOSTA™ Conditioner + Get FREE BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray!

BOOSTA™ Travel Trio Includes:

  • BOOSTA™ Shampoo
  • BOOSTA™ Conditioner
  • BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray FREE


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BOOSTA™ Shampoo

Indulge your hair craving with BOOSTA™ shampoo. A rich, thick lather that builds body, weightless volume AND leaves your hair moisturized with a beautiful, healthy sheen.

BOOSTA™ Conditioner

Your hair will be hooked on BOOSTA™ Conditioner, the perfect chaser to BOOSTA™ Shampoo. It will seal in moisture, give long-lasting body and weightless volume. It will also keep your strands shiny and your roots lifted all day long.

BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray

Need a lift? BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray, a body-building volumizing spray gives hair a boost of weightless volume, especially when used with heat. The end result: a healthy sheen and enhanced texture.