The Best Products to Give
Your Hair a Healthy, Lived-in Look

There’s nothing like working with second-day hair to create that fantastic textured look you’re craving. Day-old hair just seems to magically play well with others. You can create beachy waves, sleek ponytails, messy buns, and perfect braids—all with ease. Squeaky clean hair, on the other hand, can be a bit too slippery and tough to manage. While some hair types can survive longer between washes, sometimes you just have to give in and wash your mane. Fortunately, you can still create the look of second-day hair even after it’s freshly washed if you have the right products to work with.

Volumizing Spray

If you’ve never had a high-quality volumizing spray in your lineup of hair care staples, be sure to add one to your beauty counter. A great volumizing spray will provide an initial body-building boost to slightly damp hair as you work your way to the finished style. From roots to tips, apply spritzes of BOOSTA Volumizing Spray on damp, towel-dried hair. This volumizing spray will deliver lasting soft hold without crunchiness.


Finishing Cream

Who needs to wait until the second day, when you can get an effortless “worn” look on the first day of clean hair? With SECOND DAY finishing cream you can achieve that earthy, lived-in texture without having to wait 24 hours. You simply rub a finishing cream between your palms and work it through dry hair until the desired texture is achieved. It works great to control flyaways and adds grip to clean hair, making it perfect for prepping an updo.

Texturizing Spray

Unlike a volumizing spray, a dry finishing texturizing spray should only be applied to dry hair. TEXTURIZA Spray will create volume and texture with a matte finish. While a texturizing spray should enhance the texture of your hair, a premium version will do so without compromising its movability. It’s not like a hairspray where the hair is forced to stay in one place. TEXTURIZA Spray adds hold, but it’s workable and buildable.


Argan Oil

If you want to achieve silky smooth, healthy hair, choose an argan oil that repairs and protects hair from blow drying, flat ironing, and curling. UOIL Argan has numerous benefits, including extending color life, controlling frizz, and adding a beautiful weightless shine. It’s also great on skin and nail cuticles. It’s a great everyday product that can be used on all hair types whether wet or dry.



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