1. Apply BOING Curl Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage close to scalp and allow lather to naturally distribute to ends and rinse. Follow with BOING Curl Conditioner from roots to ends using fingers to gently detangle hair. Leave in for three minutes and rinse with cool water to seal cuticle.


2. Generously spray BOING Curl Leave-In on damp hair and gently comb to distribute through to ends. TIP: Leave-In can also be used on dry hair to re-BOING and refresh curls.


3. Gently distribute BOING Defining Curl Cream from roots to ends. Amount used will depend on hair length thickness and texture.


4. Lift and Clip Technique: Simply lift and clip hair into waves. Set curls with hair dryer or diffuser.  Once hair is completely dry, remove clips and style into place.


Place finger at the top of the section and twist hair around finger, pulling the hair through as you twist. Repeat until entire head is set in spirals.

5a. Roll and Set Technique:
Just roll hair up into large rolls and clip into place. Set curls with hair dryer or diffuser.

5b. Dry completely, then remove clips and style into place.

FINISH: Lock waves into place with GO365 Hairspray, TEXTURIZA, TRICKY or any UNITE finishing product.


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