1. Apply BOING Curl Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage close to scalp and allow lather to naturally distribute to ends and rinse. Do not scrub hair, as curly hair can be prone to breakage. Follow with BOING Curl Conditioner from roots to ends using fingers to gently detangle hair. Leave in for three minutes and rinse with cool water to seal the cuticle. TIP: For extra added moisture rinse lightly leaving some of the conditioner in hair.


2. Generously spray BOING Curl Leave-In on damp hair and gently comb to distribute through to ends. TIP: Leave-In can also be used on dry hair to re-BOING and refresh curls.


3. Mix three parts BOING Moisture Curl Cream and one part BOING Defining Curl Cream. Distribute product between palms and gently scrunch through hair from roots to ends.


4. For best results use diffuser and fingers to lift curls as they dry. Hair is left hydrated and healthy, never oily and weighed down. 

TIP: If more curl definition and retention is desired then add a small amount of BOING Moisture Curl Cream to ends.

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